Putting People First


My background

I was raised in upstate New York and moved to Fort Myers Florida when I was 16.  I worked in restaurants and had to drop out of high school to help support my family.  I eventually joined the military, earned a degree and left the military as a Captain. Working for over 20 years in the technology arena, I have lived and traveled to over 40 countries, finally coming back to Florida and making Miami my home.  I have worked hard my whole life, tried to do what's right and always put people first, like so many of us have.  It's one of those things that so many people forget in this age of downsizing, runaway insurance costs and stagnant wages.  It's time we change that and stand up for what's right. So please stand with me, so together we can put people first.  


My top issues

 Like many of you the current political climate has left me frustrated, shocked and most of all disappointed.  Disappointed that we can't do and be better.  When health care costs destroy people’s lives and education drives our young people into debt that they can never escape, it crushes the human spirit and leaves people broken and looking for answers.  My mother worked her whole life as a waitress, over 40 years, and today lives on $800 a month.  She is not alone.  People who worked hard and now struggle just to pay rent and feed themselves are everywhere.  I have many friends in South Florida who struggle to find work in a system where they can't afford health care, jobs are sparse that pay well and employers wield the power to fire indiscriminately. Here are issues we need to be focused on: · 

  • Real job growth and opportunity
  • Affordable Health Care
  • Improving the infrastructure of South Florida 
  • Reigning in the out of control costs for education


I Work For You

I am asking people to join me in blazing a new path and embracing a new way of thinking. I am not only asking for your vote but asking you to vote for yourselves, for change, for a new way of governing and for a better tomorrow. There is nothing we can not accomplish together. We can rebuild our roads and reduce commute times, improve opportunity and jobs, reduce the cost of education, ensure access to affordable and quality medical care, protect our environment, and ensure those most in need have the means to live decent, productive lives. It will not be easy, but I am asking you to join me and help put people first.

Contact Me

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Donations are gladly accepted at the link below.   We should have our online funding and new website soon.  In the meantime go here to donate:


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